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eFleetPass Energy mobile application allows the users with electronic vehicles to charge their cars and make the payment via GigXCoin.

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eFleetPass Energy is a revolutionary mobile application that enables electric vehicle (EV) owners to easily charge their cars and make payments using GigXCoin. The app is designed to make the charging process simpler, faster, and more convenient for EV users.

With eFleetPass Energy, users can quickly locate nearby charging stations and check their availability in real-time. The app displays charging stations on a map and provides detailed information about each one, including the charging rate, connector type, and charging time required.

Once the user selects a charging station, they can initiate the charging process and monitor the progress in real-time through the app. The app also provides notifications when the charging is complete or if there are any issues during the charging process.

The payment process is seamless and secure, thanks to the use of GigXCoin. GigXCoin is a digital currency that allows for fast, secure, and low-cost transactions. Users can easily add funds to their eFleetPass Energy account using their preferred payment method, such as credit or debit cards, and use the funds to pay for their charging sessions.

eFleetPass Energy is an eco-friendly solution that helps to reduce carbon emissions by promoting the use of electric vehicles. By simplifying the charging process and providing a seamless payment experience, the app makes it easier for people to adopt and use electric vehicles, which is crucial for creating a sustainable future.

Overall, eFleetPass Energy is an excellent mobile application that offers a range of benefits for EV users. It simplifies the charging process, provides real-time information, and offers a secure payment method, all while promoting the use of eco-friendly electric vehicles.

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