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Leonardo De La Vega

CEO/Founder (Chairman)

As the CEO of MFA Motorways, I lead an organization dedicated to modernizing and transforming the transportation industry through innovative planning, visionary strategies, and technological expertise. With a focus on leadership, vision, and technological knowledge, I drive plans that redefine success in this dynamic sector.
My journey began as an accomplished IT Engineer, contributing limitless value in network optimization and computer support for NEC, DIGITAL, IBM, Compaq, Australian Defence Industries (ADI). Over a span of 20 years, I have established myself as a respected visionary leader with property investment management, future tech and Internet of things, fostering excellence in creating a path for the future.

Chris Elias

In-house Legal Counsel

Chris is passionate about web3, fintech and emerging technology and has worked with 80+ startups from idea to scale-up including NFT projects, crypto exchanges, DeFi, CeFi, lending, payments, gaming and entertainment, DAOs, data sharing, token raises, and DApps.

Chris is a licensed lawyer in Australia and has worked closely with international lawyers all over the world to deliver practical outcomes for clients. Chris also has experience founding, operating and exiting his own startup and knows all about the founder journey.

Chris prides himself on providing practical advice and solutions to help startups change the world!

Scott Chambers

Sales Lead (Board Member)

The Crypto Native has been into crypto so long that they remember when DeFi was only a dream and not a reality. They’ve been there to witness the rags to riches stories, rug pulls, and real-world adoption. With in-depth experience, they’ve learnt not only how to profit as an investor, but how to make meaningful contributions to the entire crypto community.
Traits of a crypto native:
Lived through multiple market cycles.
Used to the high volatility.
Understand the technological and financial aspects of crypto.

Sabin Shrestha

Software Developer (Board Member)

A Software Developer with the capability to work in full efficiency by learning new skills and techniques in programming whenever necessary. The eagerness to complete the given tasks as soon as possible along with the enthusiasm and passion towards programming has kept me motivated towards doing this job for more than 11 years. Fluency in several programming languages has made me versatile inworking alongside the dynamic software development teams.

Barry Lipscombe

Board Member / CEO of Contracard Token (AUDC)

Founder and CEO of Contracard, a business to business global trade exchange that has been in business since 1992. With more than 26 years experience in the international real estate industry and global trading market. Experienced in marketing and selling a vast range of properties from residential, industrial, commercial, rural and development sites.